Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Celtrixa Reviews: The Cream has the Best Formula for Marks

According to Celtrixa reviews, the secret behind the success of this stretch marks cream is its unique formula. Regu-Stretch + O.D.A. White makes for a lethal combo for stretch marks.

The formula contains all the right ingredients to repair skin from the exact damage spot. When skin gets over-stretched, its middle layer tears, exposing the innermost layer that show up as reddish, purple streaks on the surface. In this tearing process, collagen, which forms the support structure of skin, breaks down. This forms a depression on the marked area, as the skin crumbles.

Only stretch marks creams that are “armed” with the right compounds can heal such serious damage. Most OTC creams that claim to remove marks, are ill-equipped to repair skin in a scientific manner.

Celtrixa reviews show that this cream gives a high success rate. It is potent enough to reduce marks intensity in 4-5 weeks of usage. The condition is that you must apply the cream daily. Depending on the severity of marks, apply it once or twice daily.

The word about Celtrixa’s terrific performance is spreading far and wide. If you still have doubts, you can read more Celtrixa reviews online. They give a complete picture of what this cream is all about.


  1. I have light purple deep stretch marks on my hips, thighs, arms, and stomach. I have gained 60 pounds and lost most of it within this year. My marks are not really new so I did not expect Celtrixa to work for me. Amazingly it did. They have become so light. Some have actually disappeared. It’s a great feeling.

  2. Obviously the cream has the best recipe for marks. The equation holds all the right fixings to repair the skin from the careful harm spot. The point when skin gets over-stretched. I think just extend marks creams that are outfitted with the right mixes can mend such genuine harm and apply it on more than one occasion day by day. Read more here. and get some useful information.