Friday, 30 November 2012

Use Celtrixa and Get Rid of the Annoying Scars

The narrow streaks that develop on the surface of our skin during pregnancy, puberty, or a sudden gain or loss in weight can be really embarrassing, and might lead us to restrict the way we live. Most of us might not know why they appear, but would have experienced them anyway. They appear mostly in our backs, abdomen, and thighs. The good news is that we can now use Celtrixa and visibly reduce the appearance of these ugly eye sores.

These scars are also called stretch marks. They develop when the skin is stretched suddenly or beyond its inherent elasticity causing the middle layer to break in places. To start with, these marks are red or purple in color. With time, they fade to a silvery-white color, and are usually long and thin.

Celtrixa is a scientifically-advanced topical lotion that can treat these marks and help reduce the length, width, and color of the same. A highly effective combination of ingredients keeps the skin hydrated, soft, and supple. The product boosts skin elasticity, moisturizes skin, and protects against future scars as well. It contains a skin brightening agent, which can brighten the appearance of skin in just two weeks. Thousands of men and women have used this topical formulation to fade their marks and get back smoother looking, gorgeous skin.

People, who do not like the pain or the costs of harsher treatment options, such as lasers, dermabrasion, and prescription retinoid, usually opt for Celtrixa. The fact that this cosmetic product is effective, affordable, and easy to apply is making it very popular among a large number of men and women from across the world. The popularity of this topical formulation is growing with each passing day. You too can use this product and get rid of the scars which have been annoying you for a long time.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Steps To Use Stretch Mark Cream

The main problem with stretch marks is that they are tough to treat. They create permanent scars on the skin. Although marks fade naturally, it takes decades for this to happen. This means you may need to live with a marked skin for a substantial part of your life…or until you use Celtrixa.

This stretch mark cream has amazed everybody with its power to lighten the marks by more than 90 percent. It has emerged as one of the best non-invasive treatments of stretch marks. Reviews of Celtrixa hardly contain any complaint; they are filled with endless praises of this formula.

What the cream does on skin

This cream contains scientifically advanced ingredients that help in tissue reconstruction process. This heals skin layer, which has been damaged due to excessive stretching. As you continue to feed your skin with these ingredients every day, you find a reduction in length, width, color, and depth of stretch marks with each passing day.

The formulation stimulates the cell renewal process by reactivating the epidermis to shed dead cell layer effectively. This imparts a glow on skin surface, as fresh skin becomes visible.

Celtrixa cream also restores elasticity of the skin and hydrates it well. This makes skin smooth and beautiful in appearance.

How to use the cream on skin:

·         Clean the affected area with a good cleanser
·         Rub the cream on the area with your fingertips
·         Massage it for a minute to let ingredients seep into the pores effectively
·         Wait for another minute for complete absorption of the cream
·         Then cover the area with clothing
·         Repeat the same process every day. 

You need patience and persistence to get the maximum benefits of Celtrixa. The cream takes 4-6 weeks to show initial results. It is designed to provide permanent results.