Wednesday, 30 January 2013

This Year, Change Your Marked Skin Forever

Do stretch marks disgust you? Worry not. Come 2013 and you can get rid of those ugly streaks on the skin this year and onwards. It is not a marketing gimmick, but a promise of the best stretch marks lotion. This product, released last year, has given breakthrough performance.

This lotion is not a regular oil-containing product that creates a film on the surface and offers the illusion of good skin. This special stretch mark formula is made of scientifically advanced skin repairing ingredients that work from the deepest layers of the skin.

The Regu-Stretch formula, plus O.D.A. White, has received raving Celtrixa reviews. The formula effectively increases collagen production in skin and restructures the damaged fibril network in the middle layer. Its brightening agents enhance skin complexion. This makes it look as if you never had stretch marks at the area.

The stretch marks lotion causes no allergies or skin reactions. Studies show that the formula is natural-based, so it works along the lines of skin’s normal mechanism. It does not alter skin’s composition in any way. It only stimulates the skin to heal itself.

Letting skin heal on its own is one of the most appreciable features of a stretch marks lotion. This gives more permanent results and beautifies skin naturally.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Cream that Prevents Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Studies show that using a good stretch mark lotion in the last trimester of pregnancy can prevent stretch marks. “Good” means, a lotion that is formulated scientifically, using natural-based and potent ingredients and that which is tested in labs.

Recently, Celtrixa stretch marks cream created a stir in the market when it arrived with a unique Regu-Stretch formula and O.D.A. White skin brighteners. Its sheer power to work on stretch marks awed everybody.

Women who used this stretch mark lotion prior to getting marks noticed that it averted this disaster efficiently. It was found that using this cream in advance strengthens skin and normalizes collagen level. It also increases skin’s elasticity and prepares it to endure excessive stretching. So, lesser damage is done.

The grand success of this brand led to jealous rivalry. This led to the creation of false Celtrixa scam rumors. Interestingly, it failed to create any impact on users or anybody in the market.

You, too, may have come across such rumors. If yes, just ignore them and go about using the stretch mark lotion as you would normally do. It is wiser to believe in a scientific study than in rumors from unknown sources.